If you are after a quality bedding material for horses, pigs and poultry, Lucerne at Balranald offers wheat straw bales for sale as a comfortable, clean and cost-effective option.

Whether you run high-end horse racing stables, are a chicken farmer or have pet rabbits, getting your animals’ bedding right is vital for good hygiene and overall health. Our wheat straw is a great way to achieve those goals, providing a premium layer of comfort and drainage for animals big and small.

We bale wheat straw after harvest, producing good, heavy bales of clean white straw for buyers across the country. Moisture meters ensure the straw is baled at correct moisture levels, a key to bale quality and safe storage.

While wheat straw is great for bedding, it also breaks down to compost and is an attractive option for gardeners on the lookout for quality mulch.

For horse breeders, horse trainers, farmers and produce stores, our wheat straw bales for sale are a practical option when it comes to effective bedding material. And because we are bulk-supply specialists, we can deliver hundreds of bales at a hit so you have an adequate stockpile to last for many months.

For more information on our wheat straw bales for sale, including cost and delivery, please contact us at Lucerne at Balranald. We also supply prime lucerne hay that’s shedded to keep it in optimum condition, and seasonal fodder.