Take a vibrant rye grass crop irrigated with Murrumbidgee River water, cut it at the optimum time, bale it when conditions are right and you’re left with quality hay.

That’s the approach Lucerne at Balranald takes when it produces rye grass hay for sale for clients across the country.

Our rye grass hay is soft, with fine stem, retains its green and is weed free. It’s a great dietary addition for a range of animals including horses, cattle and sheep.

Because we strive for quality throughout the production process, from soil health and preparation through to undercover storage for our small rectangular bales, you end up with a nutritional hay packed with plenty of crude protein.

And because we’re bulk hay specialists, we can supply and delivery hundreds of bales to you at competitive rates. We’re also happy to deliver split loads if you want buy other hay varieties at the same time such as prime lucerne hay or oaten hay.

Whether you’re a horse trainer, a dairy farmer or run sheep, it’s great to know you can access consistently high-standard rye grass hay for sale from an experienced grower who specialises in bulk supply.

For information on the price of our rye grass hay bales, contact us at Lucerne at Balranald by phone or online. Don’t forget to ask about other hay varieties including oaten hay for sale and our comprehensive hay delivery service.