If you are on the hunt for prime lucerne hay bales, we supply quality small bales for sale right throughout the year.

Our superior hay comes from irrigated crops grown by us on our land. We mow it and bale it at the optimum time to ensure you get a product that’s packed with nutrition. And then we store it in a covered shed so it retains its great colour and condition.

Horse trainers and breeders across the nation rely on lucerne hay as a staple part of their horses’ food regime for good reason. Lucerne is easy to digest, high in energy and protein and contains an array of useful minerals and vitamins. Put simply, lucerne can help horses thrive. It is also a fantastic food source for other livestock including cattle and sheep.

We can get up to six cuts a season from our lucerne, which is irrigated with supply from the Murrumbidgee River. With up to 200 hectares dedicated to the crop, we anticipate high bale numbers to meet the growing demand from people looking to buy lucerne hay bales in bulk. While small bales make up the majority of our supply, it’s also worth asking us about large bales too.

Whether you’re after 400 bales or 900, we can help. We’ll also deliver them to your property and stack them tidily with our forklift – it’s all part of the service.

For stress-free lucerne hay sales, please contact us at Lucerne at Balranald. We have a wealth of information on our lucerne hay bales online and we also supply a range of other feed bales including 2nd grade lucerne hay as well as garden mulch lucerne.