Our oaten hay bales are a great staple to feed to your livestock, providing a palatable, fibre-rich source of food for horses, dairy cows, beef cattle and other animals.

We produce consistently heavy bales of oaten hay for sale, cutting our irrigated oaten crop just before grain fill when the stems are fine, leafy, soft and highly digestible.

Our small rectangle bales, a popular choice for horse trainers and breeders, are also free from weeds due to a stringent weed-control program across our productive farms.

To get the best performance out of your horses, or other animals, you want them to be in peak physical health. That means you have to get their diet right. Sweet oaten hay is a great way to ensure equine diets contain sufficient roughage to keep them in good condition.

For more information on our oaten hay for sale, including price, please contact us at Lucerne at Balranald. Don’t forget to ask us about the availability of big rectangular oaten hay bales too.

We also supply other stock fodder including prime lucerne hay bales and rye grass hay bales.