We supply small rectangle bales of lucerne hay mulch that are perfect for gardens and orchards.

Mulch is a key to good gardening in Australia nowadays as people hunt for ways to reduce water use, conserve soil moisture, limit weed issues and protect the soil from temperature fluctuations.

When it comes to garden mulch, lucerne hay ticks all these boxes with ease. It can also add valuable organic content to the soil as it breaks down, helping to improve your garden beds. And because lucerne is rich in nitrogen, an essential nutrient when it comes to plant growth, it’s an excellent choice for all gardens.

Lucerne at Balranald’s mulch bales come from irrigated lucerne crops grown on our properties. We carry out a weed-suppression program across our land which helps to keep our mulch weed-free.

Whether you run a garden centre, a produce store, an orchard or are a keen home gardener, we can provide bulk delivery of our quality garden mulch lucerne to your door. We’ll handle the unloading and stacking for you too so the process is efficient and easy.

Lucerne hay mulch is a premium product that delivers results when spread across the surface of garden beds and vegetable patches or under fruit trees.

Please contact us at Lucerne at Balranald, your bulk supply specialists, for information on prices including delivery. We are also premium suppliers of a variety of baled hay including 2nd grade lucerne hay and wheat straw.