Our 2nd grade lucerne hay bales are a cost-effective option for people seeking nutritional dry fodder for livestock at a competitive price.

Lucerne at Balranald has forged a reputation as suppliers of quality lucerne hay. While we carry a premium line of lucerne hay bales for sale, our 2nd grade lucerne stockpile provides high food values at a lower price tag.

Healthy green lucerne crops, nurtured on Riverina soil and irrigated with Murrumbidgee River supply, form the basis of every bale we produce. After baling, the hay is kept out of the weather in closed sheds to keep colour and condition stable.

While 2nd grade lucerne hay can have minor discolouration caused by weather conditions between cutting and baling, the strong nutrition levels make this one of our most popular varieties of hay in the business. We also supply other hay varieties, including oaten hay and rye grass hay bales too.

Because it’s important our clients can access quality hay throughout the year, we have a covered storage capacity for 80,000 small bales on-farm. We anticipate our stockpile will be regularly replenished through regular cuts of up to 200 hectares of lucerne crop during the growing season.

If clients want to buy lucerne hay bales for stockpiling on their property for use throughout the season, we can provide up to 910 bales in one delivery using our covered tautliner and trailer.

Please contact us at Lucerne at Balranald by phone or online for information on our 2nd grade lucerne hay sales including price and delivery.