Hay for sale, including lucerne bales

If you are after quality hay bales including lucerne hay for sale, our team has your fodder needs covered.

While lucerne is our biggest seller, with consistently heavy small bales of prime and 2nd grade lucerne hay a popular choice among horse trainers and breeders in Victoria and other states, we also offer oaten hay for sale, rye grass hay bales and lucerne hay mulch.

Lucerne at Balranald, located in the Riverina district in New South Wales, produces quality hay due to favourable climate conditions, irrigation supply and careful management. Our production levels are high and we work hard to ensure we always have bales on hand throughout the year for our customers.

Whether you are after rye grass hay for sale to feed your cattle, oaten hay bales for your sheep or even wheat straw for comfortable bedding in horse stables, turn to us for a reliable supply. We also supply hay bales to produce stores and have built a reputation as the go-to team for clients wanting bulk sales of up to 910 bales a delivery.

While small rectangle bales make up the majority of our supply, we also produce large bales. These are perfect for clients with bigger livestock enterprises.

All our bales, big and small, are big on quality. Because we shed our hay after baling it keeps its colour and condition, ensuring clients get a product with strong food values to add to livestock diets.

But it’s not just horses, cattle and sheep which appreciate our lucerne hay bales and other hay varieties including seasonal fodder. Gardeners are keen customers too, using our bales of garden mulch lucerne extensively across vegetable patches, garden beds and orchards.

If you want to buy prime lucerne hay bales online, or source a range of other great hay varieties, contact us at Lucerne at Balranald. We also offer an excellent lucerne hay delivery service and are happy to split loads so you can source all your hay needs at once.