Third-generation Balranald farmer Charlie Matarazzo is passionate about growing quality lucerne hay for sale.

Since he and wife Nadine started Lucerne at Balranald in New South Wales’ Riverina district in 2005, the business has grown steadily in size due to demand. With 200 hectares of irrigated lucerne to cut each season, and another 50ha rotated with other hay crops such as oats and rye grass, the property produces a variety of high-standard hay for its wide client base including horse trainers and produce stores.

The crops are grown across three farms, with water pumped directly from the iconic Murrumbidgee River via 4.5 kilometres of pipe and riser flood irrigation. The constant water supply helps produce healthy green crops that are free of water stress, packed with nutrition and perfect for hay.

The land, which is laser graded, is fertilised twice each season for optimum growth while a careful spray program keeps every cut clean and free of weeds.

Lucerne at Balranald uses robust New Holland small balers, with Jadan accumulators leaving the bales in tidy packs of 15 for easy collection. A watchful eye is kept on sophisticated moisture meters and scales during baling, with great care taken to ensure the moisture conditions are just right and the bales are consistently heavy. The Matarazzos use trusted contractors to produce large bales when needed.

It’s a finely-tuned process – from the correct amount of water each crop gets to moisture levels during baling and timely product delivery – and Charlie is there every step of the way.

The father of four is committed to the land he farms. He’s also committed to producing the highest-standard lucerne hay bales for sale and delivery across the country.

As Charlie says, it’s all about growing a great product that people want to buy.

“I love farming and seeing the quality hay you get the end of it all,” Charlie says.

“It’s such a great environment to be in.”

If you want to buy prime lucerne hay bales or other hay varieties, contact Lucerne at Balranald by phone or online for more information including prices.