Versatile lucerne hay bales for sale

September 21, 2017

If you’re looking for superior food for your animals, you can’t go past the top-quality lucerne hale bales for sale at Lucerne at Balranald. It’s in our name!

Growing, mowing and baling lucerne hay is our passion, and we love sharing it with our customers. We know our product is superior and we’re happy to help, whether you need 100 bales or 1 000 bales.

Our lucerne hay bales for sale are one of our most popular products, and it’s easy to see why. Lucerne hay is full of beneficial minerals and vitamins to help your horses and other livestock thrive.

Being high in energy and packing a protein punch, lucerne hay bales are a favourite choice of horse trainers and breeders. Closely resembling horses’ natural forage, lucerne is a great source of roughage and delivers additional nutrients for increased health and performance.

Other benefits of including lucerne hay bales in your animals’ diet include:

  • high in digestible fibre
  • high in protein and energy
  • easy to digest
  • high in calcium and magnesium.

Lucerne hay mulch

As well as being an excellent food source for animals, lucerne hay mulch works wonders for gardens.

With a high nutrient value, lucerne hay delivers essential organic matter back into the soil as it breaks down, boosting garden health and plant growth.

No matter whether you need a small delivery for your garden or bulk lucerne hay mulch for your orchard or garden centre, our top-quality product helps limit weeds, protect your soil from temperature extremes and conserve soil moisture, reducing water use.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase our lucerne hay bales, or to find out more about mulch delivery.