Keep your horses in great shape with our oaten hay for sale

September 7, 2017

If you want to keep your horses and other livestock – in top physical condition, it’s super-important to get their diet just right. At Lucerne at Balranald, we have top-quality oaten hay for sale, making it easy to keep your horses well fed.

Oaten hay is packed with benefits for horses, cattle and other animals. Rich in fibre and highly digestible, oaten hay supplies the all-important roughage your animals need for optimum health and performance.

At Lucerne at Balranald, our oaten hay is produced without using genetically modified organisms (GMOs), so you can rest easy knowing your animals are eating safe, clean hay and will absorb all the natural benefits.

Oaten hay adds a healthy balance to your animals’ diet, boosting protein and energy – as well as providing a great source of roughage. Closely resembling natural pasture and forage materials, it’s a cost-effective and healthy option for horses and livestock.

Oaten hay can be used as feed on its own, or used in conjunction with lucerne hay, for a well-rounded diet with a balanced calcium and phosphorous ratio.

Low in potassium and nitrate nitrogen, oaten hay is well-known for being one of the most palatable hay options, with a sweet taste that cows, horses and other animals will happily consume.

At Lucerne at Balranald, we have small and large bales of oaten hay for sale, offering excellent value for breeders and trainers alike. We produce the finest quality oaten hay, free from weeds and full of natural goodness.

Please contact us to find out more about out oaten hay for sale, including pricing and benefits.