Lucerne hay delivery stacked high with quality

June 4, 2017

If you want the fuss taken out of lucerne hay delivery, turn to the trusted team at Lucerne at Balranald for a comprehensive service.

We don’t just grow quality lucerne hay for sale to clients, we deliver it in quality style too, no matter whether you are a one-hour drive away or a six-hour journey. It’s a hallmark of our business. You get great hay, trucked to your property in a covered tautliner and trailer and then stacked exactly where you want it.

There’s no need for you to swing small rectangular hay bales around your shed. Not with our team on the task. We’ll do it for you – with the help of our trusty forklifts Luigi and Guido.

Named after characters from Disney movie Cars, our forklifts are a key part of our rolls-royce delivery service. One of the forklifts accompanies each bulk load of lucerne hay on its truck trip to the buyer, then bustles into action when the destination is reached.

So forget the back-breaking manual job of muscling small rectangular bales into a neat pile. Instead, stand back and watch as one of our dual-wheel forklifts makes the job easy. With 15-bale grabs fitted to these little workhorses, your haystack will take shape swiftly and safely, leaving you free to carry out other important tasks in your busy day. And that’s got to be music to your ears.

Then we simply load up Luigi or Guido and head for home to prepare for the next lucerne hay delivery.

The forklifts are a great addition to our delivery team, saving our clients valuable time and labour costs in the process – especially when people buy big loads of up to 900 bales of lucerne hay at a time. That’s a lot of sore muscles without a forklift friend along for the ride!

If you’re looking for quality bales in bulk amounts, make the lucerne hay delivery process simple. Source your hay from us at Lucerne at Balranald and you’ll soon have it stacked neatly at your property without having to lift a finger. Please contact us for more information.