• Delivery & Unloading

    Delivery & Unloading

    All prices quoted include delivery and unloading into your storage facility.

  • Large Volumes

    Large Volumes

    Large truck loads up to 910 bales available with a single delivery.

  • Highest Quality

    Highest Quality

    We use moisture meters and scales to ensure consistent high quality heavy bales.

At Lucerne at Balranald we are specialists when it comes to supplying large orders of quality hay for sale including prime lucerne hay bales.

From lucerne hay to oaten hay bales, rye grass hay, wheat straw bales and garden mulch lucerne, we have you covered with our range of small rectangular bales, competitive prices and efficient delivery service.

Whether you are after 300 bales of rye grass hay for sale, 900 bales of 2nd grade lucerne hay or a load of lucerne hay mulch, our quality fodder makes us a top choice for horse breeders and trainers, produce stores, livestock farmers and garden centres across the country.

We nurture irrigated crops on our Balranald district farms in New South Wales’ Riverina region, cutting and baling them at the optimum time to pack a nutritional punch.

Our hay is stored in closed sheds on-farm and then delivered to clients by tautliner and trailer, ensuring total protection from the weather no matter how long the trip. As part of our commitment to offering a superior service, we’ll then stack the hay neatly with our forklift for your convenience.

Because we’re experts in delivering large orders – including split loads of different hay varieties – our clients are able to stockpile bales to cover months of feed. Clients can ask about our big-bale options too.

We’re strong believers in quality at Lucerne at Balranald. We strive for excellence in every step of our hay production, through to our bales, sales and lucerne hay delivery and work hard to meet our clients’ needs throughout the year.

If you want to buy lucerne hay bales that are consistently heavy, oaten hay for sale or other hay varieties including seasonal fodder, contact us at Lucerne at Balranald for more information and prices. You can also check our news page online for updates and special deals.